You’ve got the mic and the whole world is listening.


Vuzz is a one of a kind social media app that enables people to create, share and listen to broadcasts around the world in a fun and exciting way. Users can enjoy listening to what other are saying as well as listen to news, events, special promotions, and so much more though a hands-free social media experience. Vuzz is the ultimate social station created by the people, for the people.

A broadcast can be shared in public channels (i.e. country channels), privately to followers, or it can be tagged with a hashtag. Users can enjoy listening to a continuous stream of broadcasts from any channel while working out at the gym, relaxing in a coffee shop, driving (by connecting their phones to the cars hands free system), or while carrying out other tasks.

Users also have other listening options such as listening to broadcasts with specific topics, hashtags or broadcasts shared from a specific location and nearby places. Additionally, users can exchange voice chats (Whispers) directly with other users or a group of users where they can enjoy listening to a continuous stream of Whispers while engaging in other activities.


Vuzz was founded on February 6, 2013 and the first beta version of Vuzz app was released on February 7, 2014. After months of testing and gathering user feedbacks, it was decided that additional important features were needed before the official release in order to have a better user experience.


With a hands-free social media experience, people will be able to enjoy connecting with each other and be updated with their social networks while engaging in other activities.


Vuzz is a family project founded by five siblings with a vision to revolutionize the social media industry. 


Where does the name come from? The name “Vuzz” was created by merging two words, "Voice" and "Buzz" which means sharing your voice in an atmosphere of excitement and activity. As for the application icon, it was created to mimic the microphone used in radio stations since broadcasting in Radio Stations is the closest function to our app.