Welcome to the Support Center

Your Profile

To access your profile, navigate to the channels list and tap on your profile picture.

You will be able to ...

  • Edit your profile page.
  • View your profile and background photos, country, audio and text biographies.
  • Casts section: Listen and perform actions to your shared broadcasts. Casts section are viewable to other users only when your account is public. Casts section shows whether your broadcast was shared to specific users “Direct Cast”, all your followers “All Followers” or to a public channel “i.e. United States”. “Direct Cast” are not shown to other users.
  • Reply section: Listen and perform action to your Replies. This section is only viewable by you i.e. other users navigating to your profile will not see this section. Selecting “Reply” from the reply options will navigates you to the original broadcast section showing all the replies to that broadcast.
  • Media section: Find downloaded, saved and synced broadcasts. You can sync broadcasts if you need them available in your other devices. Syncing capacity is 1000 seconds. You can check your storage capacity by navigating to “Usage” under the Settings section.
  • Following section: View and edit the users you are following and navigate to their profiles.
  • Followers section: View and edit the users following you and navigate to their profiles. Pending requests will be shown at the top of the list and tapping on pending requests will navigates you to another page showing all the pending requests.

Edit your profile

To edit your profile, tap on “Edit” on top right corner of your profile screen. You will be able to do the following:

  • Edit your profile photo (1 x 1 ratio i.e. 500x500 pixels).
  • Edit your background photos (3 x 1 ratio i.e. 1500x500 pixels).
  • Edit your full name (limited to 25 characters).
  • Edit your text biography (limited to 160 characters).
  • Edit your voice biography (limited to 20 seconds).
  • Edit your website link (limited to 100 characters).
  • Choose your country.
  • Update your email address.
  • Change your password.
  • Turn private account ON or OFF.

Edit app settings

To navigate to the app settings, tap the settings icon in the channels list. You can link your social media accounts, edit your push notifications, navigate to Vuzz website support and about pages.