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Safety Tips

Vuzz gives your broadcast more exposure through the public country channels. It can even be Recasted (shared within the app) by anyone to give it even more exposure. You can control your privacy by switching your account to private, and you can choose who you want to share your broadcasts with, however broadcasts shared to public channels are accessible by all users, so be careful about the things you share!

  • Age guidelines: Please note that Vuzz is not intended for children under the age of 13.
  • Parents’ guidelines: We advise parents to follow their children's account to observe their activities in Vuzz. Parents also should advise their children about the things that should never be shared.
  • Password guidelines: Use a strong password, Try to use complex combination of numbers, capital and lowercase letters that only you can remember and more importantly, do not share it, even with your friends. If you logged in from a device not belonging to you, remember to sign out from your account after done.
  • Secure Email: Make sure your email account is active, secure and accessible only by you. Also never give out your login information (email address and password) to anyone to avoid unauthorized access to your account.
  • Check the URL: Make sure you are in www.vuzzapp.com website before logging in to avoid similar or possible copycat websites.
  • Suspicious links and contacts: Never open odd links, even if they come from a friend or a known company. Vuzz will never ask you to provide your login information via email or message.
  • Report a violation: If you received an offensive reply, or noticed any content that violates our Terms of Service, please report a violation by flagging the content.
  • Contact a local law enforcement or legal representation: Vuzz team will do their best to investigate any reported inappropriate activity in Vuzz app. However, you may contact your local law enforcement or a legal representative when you feel that you encountered any harassment.